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Recommendations for women's charity

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Fink · 13/12/2021 14:08

I want to get someone a charity gift for Christmas. Can anyone recommend a charity (or a gift within a larger charity) that particularly works with women, either in the UK or internationally?

I was looking at Refuge, but I specifically want to support a charity that offers support to women based on sex, not gender, and I couldn't find out from their website what their policy on transwomen in domestic violence shelters is.

Any suggestions, please?

OP posts:

SuperLoudPoppingAction · 13/12/2021 14:09

Filia or Lisg?


SuperLoudPoppingAction · 13/12/2021 14:09

Nia also


Fink · 13/12/2021 15:52

Thanks, I'll take a look. Never heard of any of them. Blush but I will start looking them up.

OP posts:

silvercosmopolitian · 13/12/2021 16:12

How strange OP!

I am the "charity rep," at work, and have been tasked with finding a charity that specifically support women/ women's causes for us to support in 2022. I was just about to come to this board to ask for suggestions. So far I found:

I'm also looking for more.


AwkwardSquad · 13/12/2021 16:26

Southall Black Sisters - a fantastic organisation.


Fink · 13/12/2021 18:06

Thanks. There's some great charities out there. I think I will go with Nia for Christmas because it's local to us and works in our borough. But there's some brilliant other causes to consider for the future.

OP posts:

NotEnglish · 23/12/2021 22:23

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