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Surrogacy - radio programme with Aleks Krotoski

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nettie434 · 09/12/2021 14:11

Surrogacy crops up quite often on this board and I wondered if anyone else has been listening to the Male Order series on Radio 4.

The presenter is Aleks Krotoski who has done an investigation of the online fertility market. It's in 15 minute episodes. This is a link to yesterday's. Today's is not up on Sounds yet but the link gives an option to hear all the previous episodes. For anyone outside the UK, I think you should be able to access BBC radio programmes this way too.

She's not opposed to surrogacy per se but she has uncovered some important ways in which men who are multiple donors operate and control Facebook groups etc.

OP posts:

FannyCann · 10/12/2021 08:23

Thanks for flagging this OP - the programme last look very interesting, I'll have a listen later.
I occasionally take a look at the donor conception board here and some of the activities are pretty eye popping!


Delphinium20 · 14/12/2021 22:09

Just saw this and I try to listen. Thanks for sharing.


Clymene · 14/12/2021 22:14

Thanks for the reminder. I've heard snippets but I'd like to listen to the whole thing. I really like her presenting style


FannyCann · 14/12/2021 22:44

I listened to it the other night while driving.

It’s really creepy frankly, these men who are addicted to being sperm donors, going for “natural” insemination, running their Facebook groups and doing international “tours”. I think the whole thing is gross.

And NO ONE thinks about the children, who will grow up and find they have hundreds of siblings!

Also I find the men so vile I definitely wouldn’t want their genes in my child!


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