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WTA suspension of tournaments in China - Steve Simon steps up for women

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ladybranstonpickle · 02/12/2021 08:01

I didn't see a thread on this already - but the Women's Tennis Association announced yesterday the immediate suspension of all tournaments in China due to concern for Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai.

report [[]]

I think this is an amazing stance by the association and am pleased to see a male CEO stepping up to defend women, publicly and unequivocally. The WTA is also set to lose a lot of money, as China is a lucrative tournament location.

I am writing to the WTA to thank it (via its [[]] and express my support for their stance. I'm not a superfan of tennis by any means but I do enjoy women's tennis far more than the mens, and usually make a point to watch a bit of the bigger tournaments.

I hope Peng is returned to her family, safe and well.

OP posts:

OperationDessertStorm · 05/12/2021 10:58

Thanks for this. It’s heartening to see them backing her safe return so publicly and unequivocally. You almost wonder if they’ve also viewed it actually as a safety concern for all players traveling to the country.


ScreamingMeMe · 07/12/2021 06:44

That's great to see.

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