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Equaliteach in Primary School

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Dalooah · 30/11/2021 19:40

I've just had an email from DCs school saying very enthusiastically that they will be participating in a program called "Equally Safe"

"EqualiTeach will work with our school to support us with embedding best practice approaches to creating an equal and inclusive school, tackling identity-based bullying, and which will then allow us to continue building and sharing this practice after the programme has ended.
About EqualiTeach
EqualiTeach C.I.C is a not-for-profit equality training and consultancy organisation which works with organisations throughout the UK to provide support and training on creating inclusive organisations where everyone is celebrated and able to achieve. We are currently working with over 100 organisations including TeachFirst, the Institute of Physics, Surrey County Council and the Home Office.
As part of the ‘Equally Safe’ programme we are looking for parents and carers thoughts about how well the school is doing in promoting equality and tackling identity-based bullying"

The above is a direct quote from the letter received.

I've only recently been made aware of the harm that Stinewall have done going unchecked and from a quick search on MN I can see some old posts suggesting equaliteach could potentially be leading us down a similar path.

Please could someone who knows more than me and can see past the fluff tell me if this is something I should be concerned about and should be raising with the school? If so, any examples of what to say/evidence to provide would be greatly appreciated!


OP posts:

OhHolyJesus · 01/12/2021 12:52

Aside from the brilliant resources from Safe Schools Alliance which are really useful I would ask a lot of questions like...

What is inclusivity? (I would ask this on the assumption that they are referring to disabilities and SEND and see if they mention either)

What is "identity based bullying"?

What are the "best practises"?

Are the current anti-bullying policies ineffective?

What other external providers were considered? Why was Equaliteach chosen? Are they compliant with Government Guidelines (especially the 2020 update) and what, if any, access will they have to children/your child at the school?

I would then ask to see the materials that are being used (in this process or for PSHE/RSE?) and if what will happen to the data this parent and carers group will share with the school and Equaliteach and what the idea is with how this will influence both policy and teaching in class.

At some point, once you've had a chance to research them more (to find more do Google Mumsnet + Equaliteach as there will be some useful threads if you haven't already found them), you can compile a list of reasons as to why this organisation might not be one the school want to associate themselves with but for now I would simply try to find out more as that email is basically a bunch of word salad that doesn't say very much.

What has gone wrong with instances if bullying at the school that they feel the need to consult widely with all parents and take it out of a case by case basis, is bullying at the school a big problem?


Dalooah · 01/12/2021 17:00

Thanks everyone. I've got a good starting point for my research

OP posts:

OhHolyJesus · 02/12/2021 07:45

I recommend the blog post for International Womens Day on the Equaliteach website.

The irony of the questions and tips shared at the end is stark when you read this.

"The current ‘debate’ on trans rights, for example, positions these rights as being in opposition to women’s rights, ignoring the fact that many trans people are women, and reducing women to biology. It’s a tactic that many women, particularly women of colour, recognise, where the definition of ‘woman’ becomes a narrow and homogenised picture – often white, cisgender and able bodied – and, as Rachel Mannn_ put it, ‘those people who don’t fit very particular narratives of what a woman is tend to get thrown out.’

What do you think that word means?
• What makes you think that?
• How would you feel if someone spoke about you in that way?
• Do you realise that what you said is sexist/ableist/racist/ageist/homo/bi/transphobic?
That word is an insulting term. Do you know why?
Can you think of why some people might feel uncomfortable and disrespected when they hear these comments/witness these behaviours?

The other government funding they received is noted here

This from 2018 is shocking to read (esp the girl guides thing, knowing what we know now).

And finally this retweet re Transgender Trend. If they are using Stonewall Law, well...we all know Stonewall aren't lawyers.

Equaliteach in Primary School
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