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IVF reform from new HFEA boss - What is a mother?

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OhHolyJesus · 29/11/2021 22:21

New boss at HFEA is presenting plans for reform around IVF laws at the Progress Education Trust on Wed.

One to keep an eye on, for the consultation especially - I can't remember why but PET is getting my spider senses tingling...

OP posts:

NumberTheory · 30/11/2021 23:45

Some of it sounds really good - the focus on stopping clinics preying on those desperate for a child with unproven services, for instance.

I'm also keen on the increase from 14 days before an embryo must be destroyed.

The one bit that concerns me is the re-defining roles and the legal status of the carrier of the embryo.

I can see, for lesbian couples, that the definition of mother being the woman carrying the embryo and only that woman could seem inappropriate if it is one woman's egg while her partner carries the child. But it concerns me that they use the example of a gay male couple and a surrogate in the argument over whose child it is. I really don't think women who carry a child for a couple should be able to be legally pushed aside if they change their mind.

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