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BPAS campaign; Boots to double the price of emergency contraception

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Thelnebriati · 29/11/2021 15:32

In two days time Boots intend to double the price of emergency contraception and charge £15.99. BPAS are asking everyone who objects to sign a petition and tweet at Boots, there are more details in the link on the Petitions and Activism board.

Please don't post the link here, it will get deleted or this thread will be moved.

OP posts:

CheeseMmmm · 30/11/2021 03:39

Boots inflated the price for years and years because they didn't want women to think about what they were doing.

I'll find a link.


CheeseMmmm · 30/11/2021 03:41


After weeks of controversy last summer over its stance on the price of its generic brand of emergency hormonal contraception (EHC), levonorgestrel – during which the pharmacy chain said it could not reduce the cost in case it encouraged women to have unprotected sex – Boots relented and said the price would drop from £26.75 to £15.99 from October.'


CheeseMmmm · 30/11/2021 03:45

Ok so link says they sold for 50% black Friday so obviously can and so should do it all the time?

Is that right?


Thelnebriati · 30/11/2021 10:21

No; The Black Friday price is £4, the standard price is £7.99, they intend to double it to £15.99.

OP posts:

CheeseMmmm · 30/11/2021 23:15

Fucks sake.

Can only think that their stance that they don't want to encourage WOMEN to have unprotected sex. (Not mention of men obv). Which they FOUGHT against changing until overwhelmed with widely reported criticism. And even that took a while.

Is still their stance.

Why? Are they family run or something? I don't think so. How has this outrageous view in their upper management persisted? Through what will have been multiple changes at the top?


CheeseMmmm · 30/11/2021 23:18

'The parent company,[3] The Boots Company plc, merged with Alliance UniChem in 2006 to form Alliance Boots.[4] In 2007, Alliance Boots was bought by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Stefano Pessina, taking the company private, and moving its headquarters to Switzerland, making it the first-ever FTSE 100 company to be bought by a private equity firm.[5] In 2012, Walgreens bought a 45% stake in Alliance Boots, with the option to buy the rest within three years. It exercised this option in 2014, and as a result Boots became a subsidiary of the new company, Walgreens Boots Alliance, on 31 December 2014.'

huge changes. And yet still this shit.


Snoozer11 · 01/12/2021 04:35

Seems mad that this would be in the Black Friday sales.


Thelnebriati · 01/12/2021 11:28

IKR! they can't have it both ways (or apparently they can). I've not heard anything from my MP so assume their woke staff are still screening my emails.

OP posts:

CheeseMmmm · 01/12/2021 13:33

Well quite.

It's BBC news today. The previous position of discouraging 'inappropriate use' is mentioned near end.

On the one hand they used to say price doubled to make women less reckless.

Now they are thinking. What? Let them stock up? If you need it black Friday time then yay half price?!

Bizarre behaviour.


SapatSea · 03/12/2021 11:15

Boots won't shift on the price. I got this from BPAS yesterday.

Despite calls from thousands of our supporters, MPs, healthcare bodies, and campaigners, Boots have refused to retain a fairer price for emergency contraception.

We are disappointed, but sadly we are not surprised.


Akire · 03/12/2021 11:18

I can’t believe they said that’s the reason I mean do they presume only people who need it are on such low income
Or Benefits that the 7.99 to 15.99 jump makes it out of reach and you keep knickers on?


Thelnebriati · 03/12/2021 13:29

Update from BPAS;

''Despite calls from thousands of our supporters, MPs, healthcare bodies, and campaigners, Boots have refused to retain a fairer price for emergency contraception.
Women needing levonorgestrel EC who have a BMI of over 26 or weigh more than 11 stone, and those on certain medications, must purchase a double dose pack which costs £31.98 for the generic and £56.50 for the branded version, Levonelle.''

Its about the same price at Lloyds and Superdrug, but if you can get a prescription from your doctor, family planning clinic or Brook Advisory Centre on the NHS, its free.

OP posts:

ChattyLion · 08/12/2021 21:24

WTF are ‘Here come the Girls’ Boots doing with this price hike? That’s appalling.

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