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Is my first thought an over-reaction?

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Beancounter1 · 27/11/2021 21:53

Scientists are developing a way to reduce feelings of "disgust and moral rigidity", by using electro-magnetism on the skull, i.e. without breaking the skin. They are trying to help people with OCD.

Wouldn't an abuser just love to apply this to a woman? Could it be done without her knowing? Is this thought an over reaction?

OP posts:

SickAndTiredAgain · 27/11/2021 22:07

Yes it’s an overreaction.

Attaching electrodes to someone’s skin without them noticing? This study also only seemed to look at the effect while the stimulation was being applied, rather than any kind of lasting effect.

I suppose technically, theoretically brain stimulation could be misused (although you’d need someone with both access to the equipment and knowledge of where on the head to apply it) but it’s a big stretch to say someone could do it secretly in their house to control someone. That’s a million miles away from this study.


MsAmerica · 28/11/2021 21:35

I don't consider your thought to be an over-reaction, but it's interesting that your first impulse was to think of sexual abuse on an individual, and my first impulse was to think of misuse by politicians on a society.

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