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Billy Bragg has fallen

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ChargingBuck · 27/11/2021 01:12

Apologies if this is old news to wise vipers, but I've only spotted it, & while Bragg is kind of ... meh, I have fond memories of his gay rights activism in the mists of a misbegotten youth.

I'm underwhelmed by his apparent abandonment of women as a class, but especially his willingness to commit his own brand of erasure, as he signally fails to acknowledge even the existence of transmen.

We’ve come a long way since then. Equal rights legislation has given gays and lesbians the same benefits and protections as everybody else. But for all our progress, there remains one group of marginalised people whose legitimacy can be questioned among liberal circles: transgender women.

Am I just frothing, or has BB sold out women, especially feminist women, plus transmen, to gain kudos & 'relevance' with the woke brigade while promoting a re-release?

Maybe if I spent less time arsing about on AIBU & more reading threads here I'd feel less disenchanted, but it seem like some celebs are falling over themselves to mouth vapid shite about "sex assigned at birth" as if biology is a subversive concept .... all help gratefully received.

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ErrolTheDragon · 27/11/2021 01:21

There's quite a lot of threads about him. I don't know about 'fallen' - was he particularly up on womens rights in the past? (Maybe he was, I really don't know)


ChargingBuck · 27/11/2021 01:29

Thank you @ErrolTheDragon

His song "Levi Stubbs Tears" was about a DV victim, but mulling it over, he has always had a faint whiff of the Posturer about him. Funnily enough, googling for that, as I couldn't quite remember the song title, I also found @RoyalCorgi's post, which I'll pop onto to get some views & education.

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ChargingBuck · 27/11/2021 01:52

Blimey. Cheers to all PP on Corgi's thread, I feel much better :)

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SolasAnla · 27/11/2021 11:16

Is he banging the drum for transgender females in all and every male space, that it's a social obligation because transmen are men......
I will take all and any champion, who is making money off jumping on the trans money train, under advisement, until such time as they champion for the ideology of "human right" for such females be included in the general population of mens prisons.

Unless and until this happens I will be suspicious that it's motivated by self promotion and marketing.


ChargingBuck · 27/11/2021 12:41

Thank you @SolasAnla

I'm feeling a bit shy & daft to have OP'd this, as I'm not v familiar with the Feminism boards, & have since seen Corgi's thread on the same subject.
So thank you for contributing ... I felt like I was going round the twist at Stupid O'Clock yesterday, insomniac & gnawing my own thumbs off with frustrated dismay :)

OP posts:

ErrolTheDragon · 27/11/2021 13:50

It's fine, OP - there are often multiple threads on something that's caught several peoples attention.


SolasAnla · 27/11/2021 17:36

No need to feel you have to apologise for asking a question.

I think that the behaviours of a lot of people may come as a surprise when dealing with this topic.

It's always interesting to see men arguing that female single sex spaces should be used by males who would be subject to male violence in male single sex spaces.
Is this because the male arguing this would be violent??
Or would his friends be violent??
Or would he and they stand aside to allow others to carry out acts of violence??
Why would that threat not transfer to a transgender female in the same space??
So many question


ChargingBuck · 28/11/2021 20:46

ta @SolasAnla.

My thinking has only got as far as believing that, as you can't legislate violence out of society, society must adapt against violence. Leading me to reckon that the only present way forward is a 3rd or 'gender neutral' space for e.g. public lavs.

I can see that this isn't without its own problems, as transpeople may not wish to ID as '3rd space users' or as gender neutral. Also the cost & operational burden which business would be reluctant to bear.

But it keeps people who ID as simply male or female safely apart from each other. I can't see that there's a solution that is practical or emotionally acceptable to all parties though - but at least I haven't set myself up like BB to pontificate about how I, as font of all trans knowledge & right-on saviour of the universe, just "haven't found the solution yet". Pompous twat!

OP posts:

SolasAnla · 29/11/2021 15:16

Humans are apex predators. We are the most dangerous animal on earth so violence is not an evolutionary design flaw it's a survival tool. We are a social animal so we like to be part of a group too so we need public social spaces.

True social change would be if males accepted GNC males in the male spaces.
If they campaigned for additional services for GNC females and males and allowed both females and males who wanted to have the ability to also access single sex.

Women will end up the losers when it comes to the economics of retrofitting services.
E.g. I seen some woman tweet that she was in a unisex toilet with a pic of a toilet door displaying a
man/ woman/ disabled/ baby.
She was posting it as a "got ya" but it just highlights her limited powers of observation.
In reality if there is a space limit and two "single" sex toilets are provided the only change is that an able bodied male on longer gets one "mens room" while everyone else gets the other.


FFSFFSFFS · 29/11/2021 19:44

Yes he’s desperately worried about trans women. Doesn’t seem to give a shit about trans men though….

It’s also a massive coincidence he has discovered his concerns at the same time he has an album out.

He is the epitome of the awfulness of woke left wing men.


Valeriekat · 01/12/2021 07:20

BB was always a sellout...he just hid it well.

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