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Feminism: chat

Best charities to support women and girls

2 replies

CervixSampler · 21/11/2021 13:22

There's always adverts on tv asking people to sponsor girls and I'm wondering where my money would be utilised most appropriately? Are there any particularly good charities or any to avoid?

OP posts:

Thelnebriati · 21/11/2021 13:36

Plan International is a federation of charities tackling child poverty, they help girls avoid child marriage, are active in the UK, and have a safeguarding policy.


Lucia574 · 21/11/2021 13:39

Camfed is good. It supports the education of girls in Africa. You can sponsor individual girls (or boys) in Zambia through Project Luangwa, which is an excellent small charity that does a lot of good work.

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