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Feminism: chat

Why do they think we want to see it?

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Littleants · 19/11/2021 09:18

Just reading about the Australian cricket captain who had to stand down. Apparently at the time it was deemed perfectly acceptable by the cricket board to send a picture of his penis to a female colleague.

Why do men think we want to see this? I understand they can bring pleasure during sex, but really, its not something nice to see on so many levels.

OP posts:

IncompleteSenten · 19/11/2021 09:20

They don't.
They want to show it.
It's flashing. It's got nothing to do with thinking women would enjoy seeing it
They get off on forcing women to see it


Babdoc · 19/11/2021 09:23

I wish it was prosecuted as indecent exposure. The fact that it is online rather than irl is irrelevant. A few embarrassing court cases might give these vile men pause for thought.


ThatGoose · 19/11/2021 09:26

It's power. They know we don't want to see it. They know it's going to make us feel surprised, maybe shocked, maybe disgusted, and that turns them on because they have controlled our feelings in that moment. A tiny little thrill for them.

It's gross. Same as flashing, but through a screen.


Felix125 · 19/11/2021 09:31

If its sent electronically, it can fall under the offence of malicious communications. And i think there is stand alone offence of sending a sexually explicit image


SinoohXaenaHide · 19/11/2021 09:32

They don't think we want to see it. They know we don't. They get a sexual thrill of imagining (or actually getting to see/hear about) the unhappy reaction that the recipient has on seeing it. The power to cause that reaction is enjoyable for them. Because for them, women aren't real people, but accessories that exist for the purpose of men's pleasure and wellbeing.


Littleants · 19/11/2021 09:58

He’s really sorry that he sent it now, but probably thats because it went in the paper and therefore had to give up his job. Crocodile tears.

OP posts:

IncompleteSenten · 19/11/2021 10:18

🙄 oh they're always sorry they did it

They think we are too stupid to know that what they are sorry about is getting caught.


deydododatdodontdeydo · 19/11/2021 11:01

Like others have said, it's flashing. They don't consider consent of the receiver.

Who deemed it perfectly acceptable at the time? Cricket Australia covered it up?
Having read the text exchange, I'm not sure he sent her an unsollicited dick pic out of the blue - there was some back and forth sexting/flirting, which is maybe why it was ignored.


Thomasina79 · 24/11/2021 18:37

It’s a form of rape. That’s why they do it. And rape is not about sex, but power, humiliation and hatred of women.


LobsterNapkin · 24/11/2021 20:23

While in some cases I do think it's a type of flashing, I don't think that's always the case. I think some men have picked up the idea that it's a thing to do.

I suspect two factors in this. One is with younger men in particular, it just seems like something they hear that other people do, so they do it too.

I also think they can be inclined to extrapolate from the fact that they generally like seeing similar pictures of women, and see having them sent as a come on, so they imagine the reverse is also true. They see it as reciprocal. But also I suspect this is more likely with younger men, especially ones that grew up on internet porn. Older wiser men realize women do not see this in quite the same way.

Although, in some circles with teenagers there seems to be some acceptance of this kind of thing. If the girls seem to treat it as normal, the boys will also tend to assume they are ok with it.


MassiveHoard · 24/11/2021 20:28

IME men don't really consider the impact of their behaviour on women. I know some might say NAMALT but sadly my experience tells me they're are usually incapable of understanding boundaries.


MarshmallowSwede · 24/11/2021 20:58


I think you are right. And I think that the small percentage that do understand boundaries still don’t care enough to not send dick pics.

In the back of their mind they are hoping that upon seeing their mediocre man bits, we will say we want to sex them.


HarryHarryHarry3 · 24/11/2021 23:56

Do any women enjoy seeing them or photos of them? I can’t imagine why they would but my husband thinks some women do?


LobsterNapkin · 25/11/2021 00:09

[quote MarshmallowSwede]@MassiveHoard

I think you are right. And I think that the small percentage that do understand boundaries still don’t care enough to not send dick pics.

In the back of their mind they are hoping that upon seeing their mediocre man bits, we will say we want to sex them.[/quote]
I'm not sure that's very accurate. Most men have never sent anyone a dick pic.

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