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Sexual harassment: Reports to transport police above pre-pandemic levels

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ScreamingMeMe · 04/11/2021 08:44

Seems to be more a case of women more likely to report it now.

"If you look at the root cause of some the behaviours around sexual assault it all stems from sexual harassment."

Do you think you could get this through to The Met?

OP posts:

Hoardasurass · 04/11/2021 15:01

And police Scotland


Rightsraptor · 04/11/2021 18:10

You can text British Transport Police on 61016. Put it in your phone, it might be needed one day. Probably not much good on the underground though.

I've not had to do it yet. Has anyone here used it?


AmandaHoldensLips · 04/11/2021 18:15

Years ago when I lived in London, I had to stop using the Underground because of perverts rubbing themselves against you in crowded carriages.

40 years later, one of my daughters said the man next to her on the (London) bus was openly watching porn on his phone.

I mean, what the fuck?


NiceGerbil · 05/11/2021 01:29

I would (as a lifelong tube user) suggest that the increase could be to do with fewer passengers esp later in the evening.


NiceGerbil · 05/11/2021 01:30

As one aspect.

Not sure about more reporting.

What's missing from the report is any outcomes or how many got evidence or any hint of whether point in reporting.


Trivium4all · 05/11/2021 09:33

Before Covid, I had issues on multiple occasions with groups of drunken oil workers, who seemed to take particular offense that a lone female in the quiet car might want to read a book, rather than party with them. The train personnel couldn't do anything, other than move me to first class. This was usually on rather empty, early trains. They did ban alcohol on those trains, but that didn't really work. Perhaps if the conductors were more visible on the train, and more ready to call the transport police?


EmbarrassingHadrosaurus · 05/11/2021 12:22

40 years later, one of my daughters said the man next to her on the (London) bus was openly watching porn on his phone.

Pre-Covid, this was common on my early morning commute to work. You can report it to BTP (I was on a train) now.

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