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Danyal Hussain jailed for life (35 years)

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ScreamingMeMeSawUs · 28/10/2021 11:50

A teenager who murdered two sisters in a London park has been handed two concurrent 35-year jail sentences, at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

Danyal Hussein, 19, killed Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman in a random attack which he believed would act as a “sacrifice” to enable him to win the lottery.

The sisters were visiting Fryent Country Park in Wembley for a party on 6 June 2020 to celebrate Henry’s birthday.

Their bodies were found by Smallman’s boyfriend a day after they were reported as missing to police.

OP posts:

Ghostsintheshelf · 28/10/2021 12:01

These poor women and their poor mum. I hope this brings her some comfort.
Even though the shit that murdered her children could be released when he still has decades left.


Karmakamelion · 28/10/2021 12:05

Not long enough. It should be a full life tariff. He murdered those poor women in cold blood. There is no other sentence that makes any sense. I can't bear to think of the terror and pain they went through.


KayKayWat · 28/10/2021 21:06

I'm thoroughly confused by this case. The severity of sentencing would suggest it was a calculated murder and there is no mention of diminished responsibility/insanity. However, I've just googled it and apparently he thought the murders 'would act as a “sacrifice” to a demon named “the mighty king Lucifuge Rofocale” to enable him to win the lottery.'

The above certainly doesn't sound like the reasoning of a sane individual!


nancy75 · 28/10/2021 21:10

I wondered about the demon belief/lottery thing too. It doesn’t sound like he’s fully of sound mind?


EmeraldShamrock · 28/10/2021 21:13

A crazy senseless attack, he was on the police radars too.

Horrible that one of the victims partner found their bodies in the park.


IAmTheLovechildOfYvesAndIsabel · 28/10/2021 21:37

Absolutely horrific crime, made all the worse for the atrocious behaviour of some of the police involved.
But the murderer is clearly very unwell. He needs psychiatric care, I kept expecting to read that he was to be held indefinitely at a secure unit but seems that he'll be returning to prison where they're already massively overstretched and unable to provide the type of mental health care needed.
A terrible situation all round.


RCBadger · 28/10/2021 23:34

Concurrent means he's serving both sentences at the same time, not that he will serve them one after the other.


TurnUpTurnip · 28/10/2021 23:36

Just be reading about this, such a strange and scary thing to happen, makes me feel worse that he lived in my borough very scary to think of his plans to kill 6 women every 6 months


stairway · 28/10/2021 23:41

I watched the news thus evening and saw their mother commenting after the trial. She is such a brave and courageous woman. One thing that struck he she said after 35 he won’t be released as she wouldn’t let it happen. I think we should all make this pact. That if any of us are still here in 35 years time we will fight to keep him locked away,


Porcupineintherough · 29/10/2021 00:07

I dont understand any of this. Abhorrent as his crime was, how can he not be considered seriously mentally unwell? And, if he is, was this really known to no one before the attack?


NiceGerbil · 29/10/2021 03:36

He needs to be in a secure MH facility surely. We have a fair few.

In standard prison then he'll get no help. He needs to be somewhere with proper MH treatment. High security. And importantly. As MH. you don't get to leave after a fixed time. Not safe. You stay.

I don't understand.

Standard prison could be a risk to self or others. With massive rates of inmates having MH issues he could potentially propagate his beliefs.

Just not right.


MimiDaisy11 · 29/10/2021 03:59

It’s strange as the judge mentioned on sentencing that he did it for money - if that’s reference to the lottery win he claimed he’d get for killing then it is strange as so obviously mentally ill.

I had originally thought the mentally ill defence wasn’t believed but it seems unclear from news reports.

I feel so sorry for the family. The police didn’t take the missing persons reports seriously and it was the family who discovered the bodies and weapon.


NiceGerbil · 29/10/2021 04:10

I worry that this is a pattern.

Secure MH= much more expensive. And the prison service has been outsourced, massive cuts. And is a disaster.

Similar case Ireland recently. Yes different country. But why are dangerous criminals with frankly obvious reasons to be in MH secure places going to normal prisons?

To be seen to be punishing? (MH is generally off you go and no tariff although plenty never leave).

To be seen to be treating seriously because the met fucked this up so hugely?

I have no idea. Seems to be a thing at the moment. It worries me.

No good can come for anyone. Putting seriously violent delusional (?) criminals in with the general prison population. Esp now that it's really fucked anyway. Short staffed, fear, loads of drugs etc.


NiceGerbil · 29/10/2021 04:12

'I feel so sorry for the family. The police didn’t take the missing persons reports seriously and it was the family who discovered the bodies and weapon.'

And the mum said once they realised who she was. Everything changed. I believe her. Totally.

Bastards. Fucking met. Racist misogynist useless bastards.


Porcupineintherough · 29/10/2021 07:30

If I've managed to do the link properly then this explains the judge's thinking regarding sentancing and the defendant's mental health, for those who are interested:

<a class="break-all" href="" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">

I hope to goodness that the family can find some peace but I've no idea how anyone could come to terms with a loss like this.


NiceGerbil · 29/10/2021 21:03

Really interesting thank you.

I note that he will continue to be assessed etc for MH/ personality disorders in prison. Seems fair enough. At moment not enough to say either way mainly due to him refusing to have any of that type of evidence in defence.


NiceGerbil · 29/10/2021 21:13

Their mum is incredible. I still believe this would not have had anywhere near so much attention, at least until the bizarre motive came out.

She said from the start the police weren't interested because of classism+racism. Unfortunately for them. Their mum has impeccable credentials and able to get her voice heard.

I can't begin to imagine a loss like this.

For me. This may sound strange. The behaviour of the police esp the photos watsapp groups is the thing that really upset and angered me.

The loss, the murders. Obviously beyond imagination. They were not targeted personally, he was I mean clearly very fucked up/ unwell. It could have been anyone.

The police treating those two women. At the crime scene. And they would have been covered in blood etc. With such callous grotesque inhumane disrespect. Both of them. And share on watsapp. That is incredibly disturbing.

People treat other people's pets they find run over with more respect and care than that FFS.


EmeraldShamrock · 30/10/2021 00:44

The majority of prisoners have so sort of MH issue, some very severe.
He should be detained in a MH facility.
The police were absolutely disgusting, the family tortured by this.
I believe the internet for all its knowledge is a curse for those with a fragile/twisted mind.
I'd happily see it gone if it stopped some of these people having their thoughts reinforced.


Perching · 30/10/2021 02:23

The police conduct in this case was absolutely disgraceful. They have learned not a single thing in all the years since the Stephen Lawrence murder. It’s all lip service.

Whatever appropriate punishment he does not bring them back though :(


Oldtiredfedup · 30/10/2021 03:44

Sadly it is not true that people are only released when they are ‘safe’ - if this were true you wouldn’t have lots of offenders walking the streets under ‘community care’ who go on to reoffend.


clatterclatter · 30/10/2021 04:12

He should be in prison for the rest of his life.


Funnylittlefloozie · 30/10/2021 16:36

If he is sent to hospital (and somehow I suspect Broadmoor is in his future), the clock will stop on his custodial sentence, until he is discharged from the special hospital. So if he serves 2 years and then goes to Broadmoor for five years, it won't be as if he's done 7 years of his sentence, its still only two years, and he'll still have 33 to go at the very very least.

Its not ideal... but its the best we've got.


hoodathunkit · 02/11/2021 09:13

I am frustrated and angry about the fact that there is still so much that we do not know about Hussein's online contacts and activities.

The police investigating this case have described their task as akin to investigating with their hands tied behind their back, due to their inability to access Hussein's Apple devices.

Whilst Hussein's crimes are appalling beyond description, the terrifying thing is that there are malicious actors using a variety of pseudo-spiritual and personal development themed products and services as a way of identifying and manipulating vulnerable people into committing crimes.

There are likely to be other Husseins out there right now who pose a risk to others.

It is unforgivable that Apple have consistently refused to help the police investigating these horrific murders, using privacy laws as an excuse. If such privacy laws exist they need urgent revision. Of course privacy is extremely important, but the threat posed by people like Hussein and those who groomed and radicalised him is so significant that exceptions need to be made and the police MUST have access to such devices in order to save lives.

Nobody should have to suffer a terrible death because of this kind of radicalisation.

No other family should have to endure what Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman's family have endured.

The fact that this atrocity could happen again is almost unbearable for me to contemplate.

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