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Feminism: chat

Check out this Daily Mail headline!

12 replies

ThreeFeetTall · 27/10/2021 23:58

Just saw that this is at the top of the Daily Mails website! (Try to ignore the fact that I read the Daily Mail Blush) I can't believe that this is the top headline, and so strongly worded. And on budget day too. What's going on? Can't imagine this happening 5 years ago...

"ALL men must tackle sexual violence: Camilla delivers her strongest speech as she demands 'how many more women must be raped or murdered before society dismantles culture that shames the victim' after the brutal deaths of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa"

Check out this Daily Mail headline!
OP posts:

Fluffymule · 28/10/2021 00:11

Link to her full speech here.

It's good. Glad to she her using her platform like this.


ThreeFeetTall · 28/10/2021 00:21

Yes I agree.
And good that her PR people/advisors are thinking it is a good thing for her to be seen to do.

OP posts:

Fluffymule · 28/10/2021 00:28

I know this is something she has been involved with and has worked on with charities and agencies for many years now.

It must be absolutely frustrating for her that any work she does is going to be undermined/criticised by people highlighting her odious BIL and his alleged treatment of young women.

But I'm glad she's speaking out with speeches like that, because as a Royal she will get headlines like that and keeping the debate in the public domain is so important.


nosafeguardingadults · 28/10/2021 04:30

Very kind of her. Not her fault but violence and abuse sexual financial psychological and murders won't stop unless victims have support to leave including support to access legal rights.

Places break law like on housing priority and fail duties like safeguarding. They get away with it cos accessing support to get laws enforced is lottery.

Getting good advocate is postcode lottery. Some wonderful hardworking kind people working in domestic abuse organisations but also some bad ones and also some maybe good but not funding enough for them so they can't help enough people and turn some of us away.

Places turned me away cos not living in their area even when begged for one off help. Cos sometimes local one no good for victims.

Some don't want to help like one I tried in my area. They told me to just go to the police with no support to do that and despite bad things in news about police some doing rape and stuff so not safe for victim without advocate support. Also sometimes local domestic abuse organisations no good cos victim or perpetrator may know one of them or other reasons.

Another bad thing from postcode lottery is makes you more frightened when you already scared to flee to different areas. Cos of knowing you not welcome cos they meant be only for locals. Knowing they put phone down to help you when you beg for advocacy so could literally leave someone to get murdered and definitely leave you to be physically verbally sexually other abuse. How then feel safe mentally safe in a refuge run by them.

Not their fault the postcode lottery cos they not funded to help if you not one of their own locals but wish was more flexible cos otherwise victims some of us have nowhere to turn and so no way out to be safe long term safe.


NiceGerbil · 28/10/2021 04:31

Saw this on news earlier.

Whatever anyone's views on the royals, the fact is unless we have a revolution (!) she will be king's wife one day so excellent to see this.

Also sure in that position nothing is said let alone speech without host of people checking agreeing. I'd assume including Charles.

Yep good.

Also Kate thingy came out for vigil SE and Meaghan has seemed to me like cares about women/ girls genuinly as well.

Love them or loathe them, they have massive platform.

For Camilla and Kate. Getting behind things = untold publicity support funds. And they have power. People listen including overseas (as we do/ should do to them!).


NiceGerbil · 28/10/2021 04:31

All these summits and etc. Words in ears.

Yep happy here.


ThreeFeetTall · 28/10/2021 08:13

@nosafeguardingadults sorry to hear you've had such a tough timeThanks
I agree that places need to support those from out of area, and that more funding is needed.
Hope you're in a better place now.

OP posts:

ThreeFeetTall · 28/10/2021 08:17

@Fluffymule I didn't realise she had been involved with this cause so long. In which case I'm also pleased for her that it is getting higher priority.

OP posts:

Orgasmagorical · 28/10/2021 08:24

Did anyone else see Camilla's speech reported on the BBC news last night? Blink and you'll have missed it, it must have taken all of five seconds. Then they spent a good few minutes telling us all about a footballer who has come out as gay, which is obviously much more newsworthy and important Hmm


BoreOfWhabylon · 28/10/2021 21:38

Camilla's a good egg. she's been involved at grass-roots level for years now

Here she is in 2015 - about 22 minutes in


NiceGerbil · 28/10/2021 21:57

Orgasm I caught it on BBC news!

They do seem to me a bit random in what they think is priority news generally so given everything happening in UK and world, I was pretty satisfied with what they did.

And I mean. BBC. Royals. Camilla. Even 5 secs they will get a million complaints probs!


Thepennysjustdropped · 28/10/2021 22:07


Did anyone else see Camilla's speech reported on the BBC news last night? Blink and you'll have missed it, it must have taken all of five seconds. Then they spent a good few minutes telling us all about a footballer who has come out as gay, which is obviously much more newsworthy and important Hmm

Yes, I saw it. It reminded me of when Meghan was in South Africa and there was coverage showing her and Harry meeting locals etc, then it said she gave a speech and I was thinking great, am looking forward to hearing what she will say, she stood up, opened her mouth, and they cut her off!
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