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Children and medical consent lecture-online today

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SuperSange · 25/10/2021 08:36

This just popped up on my Facebook; it's an online lecture regarding children and medical consent. Thought it may be of interest as it specifically mentions older children, and where there may be a conflict between medical opinion and child's opinion.

Children and medical consent lecture-online today
OP posts:

Standrewsschool · 25/10/2021 09:00


Does it relate to Gillick competence where children under 16 can be deemed to understand the medical treatment and make decisions for themselves?


SuperSange · 25/10/2021 11:58

I'm hoping it's mentioned.

OP posts:

CarrotSticks23 · 25/10/2021 12:02

You can't really do a talk on children and consent without gillick competence! Tbh I hope it goes a lot deeper than basic understanding of Gillick competence. Consent and teenagers can be really complex


nocoolnamesleft · 25/10/2021 17:11

Missed it, but I am told they tend to appear on youtube in time. In the meantime, however, there are links on the page to the slideset and a transcript of the presentation.


Motorina · 29/10/2021 08:55

If it's of interest, the BMA's guide on consent and young people is at and is pretty comprehensive.

The GMC also has guidance

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