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Feminism: chat

Please help me understand

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Penguin24 · 24/10/2021 16:03


I’m in my early twenties and starting to question more things and develop my ppinions. I’m struggling to find many unbiased resources around people being transgender (eecommendations welcome!).

I’m not trying to start a debate but probably will. In my opinion if we didn’t make things so “boys are this, girls are this” from early childhood, then would people feel the need to assign a different gender to themselves? Also in my opinion I don’t feel you can change your sex. You can change your appearance and body but it’s the same as dying your hair - you’re always really what you were born with.

My question is what sort of group do those beliefs put me in? And are they controversial opinions?

PS. I really hope this post doesn’t offend anyone. I’m just trying to learn more and I’m curious to understand and develop my opinions.

OP posts:

Babdoc · 24/10/2021 16:48

OP, you need to pop across to the Sex and Gender side of the feminism board, and search for a thread called “Break it down for me”. It will cover all your questions.


rumred · 24/10/2021 19:36

Op I'm not far away from your thoughts. If we keep treating children /babies so differently then we must expect problems.
I'm not in any group, just a feminist who hates gendering


quixote9 · 25/10/2021 09:25

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