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The police officers who prey on crime victims for sex (Guardian)

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ARoombaOfOnesOwn · 21/10/2021 15:39

OP posts:

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe · 21/10/2021 16:01

It's been going on for at least 50 years. My own mother told me how she was propositioned once 50 years ago after calling them out for a domestic 🙁

I think they consider it a perk if the job. Even the female officers are all a "type". Poker straight blonde or black shoulder length hair and Botox. Very odd institution all round really.


iklboogiemaninthecloset · 26/10/2021 20:18

Wayne Couzens is seeking permission to appeal his sentence Angry


Reptar · 28/10/2021 00:13

'I can't trust police forces' to handle complaints from women and girls, former chief says'
'..since stepping down, Ms Fish said at least 50 female officers across the country have contacted her about the behaviour of their male colleagues.'


ARoombaOfOnesOwn · 28/10/2021 13:34

I’m glad she’s speaking up about it. Worrying though.

OP posts:

IfImLyingImDying · 28/10/2021 13:38

I know an ex police officer that did this with a victim of crime that was a minor and was advised to resign before being disciplined and sacked. He was even suspended pending investigation. So I believe it entirely. I truly believe that of the victim wasn’t a minor and the parents hadn’t complained, nothing would have happened. Sweeping it under the carpet is how they deal with it.


IfImLyingImDying · 28/10/2021 13:39

He wasn’t even suspended that should say


SerendipityJane · 31/10/2021 18:32

wasn't a policeman raping a female colleague part of a "Cracker" plot over 25 years ago ?

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