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Woman who took drugs gets prison sentence for miscarriage

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AssassinatedBeauty · 21/10/2021 16:10

That is horrific. She's spend 1.5 years in jail because she can't afford the $20,000 bail, and she has been sentenced to 4 years for manslaughter when she had a miscarriage at 15 to 17 weeks into a pregnancy. And what a surprise, she is an indigenous woman as well.

What's even more bizarre is that the state's murder and manslaughter laws don't even apply to foetuses under 20 weeks of gestation. And even after 20 weeks, mothers can only be prosecuted if they commit a crime that causes the loss of the pregnancy. So none of it even applies which begs the question how this could ever have got through the courts to the point of conviction and sentencing.


GreenLunchBox · 21/10/2021 16:11

I knew it was going to be America!

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