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Feminism: chat

#MeToo universities edition

2 replies

AuntDympna · 21/10/2021 10:31

OP posts:

AuntDympna · 25/10/2021 09:02

Okay so maybe noone clicked on the link. It's an investigation into sexual harassment of women at university in the UK. One of the most prestigious jobs in Anglo Saxon, at Oxford University, is held by a man, Andy Orchard, who openly joked that he "put the perv into supervision". What can be done to prevent men like this preying on vulnerable students? Why aren't Oxford University ashamed?

OP posts:

MarshmallowSwede · 25/10/2021 09:16

Why would they be ashamed? Men are rewarded for this sort of behaviour.

Universities are being held hostage right now and women being harassed is secondary to the feelings of men. I’m not at all surprised.

What can women do? It just feels like this is actually getting worse.

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