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*Trigger warning* As a Woman Was Raped, Train Riders Failed to Intervene, Police Say

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DumplingsAndStew · 19/10/2021 20:59

Apologies if this has already been posted, I just read it

The SEPTA train car near Philadelphia had several passengers aboard but none called 911 while the woman was sexually assaulted, the authorities said.

As a woman was being raped while on a train near Philadelphia on Wednesday night, riders watched, failed to intervene and did not call 911, the authorities said.....

The police seem to be taking this extremely seriously - the sceptic in me believes they might not have had he not been caught in the act. That poor bloody woman Sad

OP posts:

Chipsinthewoods · 19/10/2021 22:16

This is absolutely dreadful.


MavisMonkey · 19/10/2021 23:14

My god I hadn't seen this. It is horrific. At least 10 people could have intervened and apparently some of them decided instead of calling 911 they would film it?!
What is going on in society- it scares to think of sending my DD off into the world like this. Reading this makes me angry about the doubles response of NAMALT and makes it hard for anyone to deny that there isn't an increasing normalisation of violence against women.


Deadringer · 19/10/2021 23:16

And he is claiming it was consensual.


SecondRateFrog · 19/10/2021 23:46

I'm guessing some of those videos will be on online porn sites as we speak.
Remember the Jodie Foster film, The Accused? Where men watching a rape and cheering it on were prosecuted? That was presumably just fiction.


CanofCant · 20/10/2021 16:44

I'm guessing some of those videos will be on online porn sites as we speak.

This is just what I fear. God, it's so fucking bleak and depressing. That poor, poor woman.


grafittiartist · 20/10/2021 18:36

I read this yesterday- and it's really upset me.
That poor woman- how on earth could people contribute to this by recording it.
Makes me feel sick.


picklemewalnuts · 20/10/2021 18:48

40 mins. 40 mins!!! Angry


HoardingSamphireSaurus · 20/10/2021 23:17

Sadly the Jodie Foster film was loosely based on the 1983 gang rape of Cheryl Araujo in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The film took the issues raised and distilled them, but in essence, it is based on reality.


cosycrook · 20/10/2021 23:22

I have no words for this. How awful for that woman, I can’t imagine how she feels. What the fuck is happening in this world


ChristmasPlanning · 21/10/2021 19:33

So upsetting. That poor woman. I'm disgusted at those present

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