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Feminism: chat

#freebrittney- 4 years in jail

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happydappy2 · 17/10/2021 09:20

Horrific, 18 months in jail before going to trial. That’s just inhumane.

America is extremely warped it it’s views on pregnancy.


NiceGerbil · 19/10/2021 03:43

As the article points out, not for first time.

I remember some laws touted to give extra weight to women being assaulted etc when Pg and impact on pregnancy.

At the time it was pointed out that the way phrased definitely might be used against Pg women.

This is about pro life stuff. Obv.

Foetus is most important. Woman is just vessel. Vessel must do as told.

It's about controlling women and girls, punishing them, making their lives difficult.

Standard regressive woman hating religious/ patriarchal shite.

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