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Feminism: chat

Misogyny is alive and well in South Wales police (and Welsh RFU)

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GingerCake2018 · 05/10/2021 10:25

This article is just paragraph after paragraph of misogyny.

Good on the victim for speaking out and expressing herself so well, and unbeliavable that there was absolutely no recognitition anywhere in the article that there was another intended victim out there somewhere presumably still living in fear.

OP posts:

TimeToDateAgain · 05/10/2021 17:39

That poor woman and her children! That must have been terrifying for the duration of it and even afterwards.

I'm not surprised that it took a while for her 'jellybean' moment to kick in and for her to realise just how lightly this had been handled given that everyone else was treating it like a 'lark gone wrong'. £100 - none of my business but that wouldn't even pay for a day out at a good theme park to try and mollify the children, never mind the damage etc.


334bu · 05/10/2021 17:46

It's the middle of the night, your kids are in tears, of course she is going to say ok to handling it as a community matter, when pressured to do so by the police.


Stillamum3 · 05/10/2021 20:54

Yes Ginger that struck me too! They'd gone to the wrong house, and apologised for their disgusting behaviour, but what would have happened if they had gone to the right house. The police should have taken that threat seriously and they should have suffered some consequences for their actions, not just a ticking off. That poor woman! It must have been terrifying!


GingerCake2018 · 05/10/2021 21:02

The 'Entirely out of Character' in bold and lifted out of the text bit makes me so angry, it was him showing us what is character is, he is that man who attacks peoples property in order to intill fear in them. That IS his character.

Plus using alcohol as an excuse for what they did. I've been assaulted at work and the mitigation in court was that he was very drunk. He was an alcoholic so I imagine he was 'very drunk' 90% of the time, so how it is a relevant defence and supposed to reasure victims I will never understand.

OP posts:

ItsRainingProstateOwners · 06/10/2021 15:17

How terrifying for her and her children.


CBUK2K · 10/10/2021 13:23

This reply has been deleted

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MrsRobbieHart · 10/10/2021 13:32

The article almost tries to imply that all that behaviour would have been fine had they gone to the right address! Confused

Their actions were criminal regardless of whether they made a mistake in their location!

Those poor children. At the very least all those men should be ordered to pay for ongoing therapy for the older child. That night will be etched in his memory for a long time!


Whatwouldscullydo · 10/10/2021 13:34

That poor woman and her kids. Emotionally blackmailed into taking the money akd the apology which leaves her the bad guy if she doesn't just to cover the arse of police who cant be bothered.

What's she supposed to do when the very people meant to help her are making her feel like she's wasting her time.

If they are that disinterested then she's gonna have no faith they will he there to help her if they come back to have a go at her if she threw the money back and said she wanted to take it further.

And we are aupoosed to feel sorry for the rugby player now who's turned himself in and gone on a program and accepted he has done wrong? All to make her seek.unreasonable fir not being happy with the outcome.


And yes they intended to do someone else some harm/damage that night so wheres their protection

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