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Feminism: chat

Evesgarden · 03/10/2021 10:31

This is awful.

But they will never ever be shut down - sadly


NiceGerbil · 04/10/2021 05:01

One area. Bristol? Refused all new licences and to renew existing ones.

Big hooha obv. Lots of angry men worried about totalitarianism and women losing money. Like you know they were altruistic.
Dunno if that has changed. Few years ago.

But yes. It's really shit for a variety of reasons.

And now yay! We have t*try bars as well.

Men tend to get what they want. Is the bottom line.


Bogeyes · 04/10/2021 05:46

T*try bar?


Cervicalflop · 04/10/2021 19:12

For those not familiar with Birmingham, Broad street is where the club is based and where the main entertainment /nightlife venues are.

I'm not surprised this incident took place at all, even when I was a uni student and in my early 20s when a group of us girls would go out for the night it was unsafe, men would think nothing of groping you in a bar and the leering from young men passing in cars was rife. Young men calling us whores for not showing them the attention they wanted.
To my mind that whole area was sinister as fuck and although I know things like this happen everywhere Broad Street seems to bring out the worst in some men.


StealthPolarBear · 04/10/2021 19:16

Poor woman


NiceGerbil · 04/10/2021 20:28


T*try bar?

Never been in one (obv) but blokes from work would often go after drinks (midweek).

Titty bar.

One drunkenly told me that he wasn't going again as the last one they were 'allowed to touch' and he saw that as over a line.

NiceGerbil · 04/10/2021 20:30

All men with girlfriends but mainly married with kids.

Normal 'nice' blokes with lovely partners/ families.

They saw it as. Just normal.

Obviously they lied to their other halves about what they were doing.

The normalisation. The entitlement. Is getting worse.

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