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Women's Paris Roubaix

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Dimpsey · 02/10/2021 14:27

History is being made today with the first Women's edition of the Paris Roubaix cycle race. Uk rider Lizzie Deignan is currently in the lead.

It's on Eurosport if you have that.

Shockingly the winner of the Women's race gets about 1500 euro whereas the winner of the men's race gets over 30000 euro.

The more people who watch, the higher the prize money will be for women

OP posts:

BikeRunSki · 02/10/2021 14:29

I’m watching on GCN, but no commentary!


BikeRunSki · 02/10/2021 14:29

Oooohh!!!! Ooooh!!! Crash!


Cailleach1 · 02/10/2021 23:45

She did really well, made history at the first women's Paris-Roubaix, and I'm sure her team is very happy with her. Very comfortably ahead of Marianne Vos, with Elisa Longo Borghini in 3rd place. The course looked tough, along all those rough cobbles, and the rain and muck. It just looks horribly uncomfortable.

Deignan's team are topping up her €1,535 winner's prize money to match it to the men's winner's prize of €30,000.

I think the Strade Bianche women's prize was supplemented by crowdfunding to a bring it beyond the pitiful in comparison to the men's prize money.

Watched bits of it (not all) with my OH, and had to remark at least it is a fair playing field for the women competitors this time.


BikeRunSki · 03/10/2021 06:14

In only saw a a bit of this, I thought Marianne Vos would have it sewn up with her cx experience. The bits I saw were great, a few crashes, lots of mud, a bit of jostling for a decent line on the crest of the pavé.

Good news that Lizzie’s team is topping up her prize money. I knew about the Strade Bianchi crowd funding, but how frustrating that these are afterthoughts, rather than default parity with the men.

The mud and the muck is what makes P-R though! It’s not known as The Hell of the North for nothing!


NutellaEllaElla · 03/10/2021 06:21

Major congratulations to Lizzie and thanks to Trek Segafredo. The original prize money inequality is humiliating!


Cailleach1 · 03/10/2021 11:31

Yes, good on Trek Segafredo! The organisers are the problem. Trek might sell a few more bikes, and Segafredo raise profile for their coffee. Wonder if Jumbo will raise Vos's money.


Leftbutcameback · 03/10/2021 11:36

Brilliant riding by Lizzie to go solo from so far out. I was disgusted by the tiny amount of prize money (including for the other riders on podium)


Cailleach1 · 03/10/2021 11:47

Should have said Jumbo-Visma. Deignan said the way the race went wasn't really the plan. She broke away to help the team.

Just say a picture of her handlebars. She didn't wear mitts. Bloody hell of a ride; literally.

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