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Remembering some amazing women who made a real difference to women’ safety

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Seainasive · 02/10/2021 13:36

Recent events and all the talk about women’s safety reminded me of an amazing group of women who 30-35 years ago made a real difference to my and other women’s lives.

A new housing estate had been built outside a city in the North of the Netherlands. There was an un-lit bike path to it through the fields and the last bus home ran at 8 or 9 PM. Many people who lived there including me, did not have access to a car.

After a young woman was attacked and raped when making her way home by bike, women got together and lit the path with candles every weekend until the council installed street lighting. And they organised a late bus service on Friday and Saturday nights, allowing us to get home safely after a night out, until the bus company agreed to run regular evening services.

These women were amazing and made such a difference to our lives!

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notacooldad · 02/10/2021 13:42

The late Diane Lampugh who set up the Susie Lampugh Trust that has done so much campaigning for womens safety needs to be mentioned.


Seainasive · 02/10/2021 13:47

She absolutely did.

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