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Feminist alternative to Amazon

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KaycePollard · 29/09/2021 13:52

If you're looking for an alternative to Amazon, try the wonderful independent bookshop, News from Nowhere.

I promise, I have NOTHING to do with them. @MNHQ This is not a spam post. Just that I've had several orders of feminist books from them, as well as other books (the final Wainwright for my walking collection) and their prices are excellent, and the service was personal, friendly and fast by mail order.

I've also used Hive, as another alternative to Amazon, but their range of books isn't quite so good. I was very impressed with News from Nowhere as a small independent co-op and what they could find for me.

Just wanted to spread the love a bit. Radical feminists need it at the moment, let's face it!

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BraveBananaBadge · 29/09/2021 17:23

Yes News from Nowhere is fab and often has to put up with nonsense from TRAs. I have never ordered online from them though, will keep that in mind next time!

KaycePollard · 29/09/2021 17:25

I didn't know they'd been getting shit from TRAs. I live a very long way away from them, but next time I'm anywhere near Liverpool I will make a point of dropping in. Their online & mail order service was excellent - fast, friendly, efficient.

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