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West Yorkshire Police + Crime Analyst Podcast

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aweegc · 27/09/2021 20:26

A few times I've seen comments on MN about this police force not being very woman friendly from a historical perspective. I'm too young to have understood why. However, I recently listened to a series of Laura Richards' Crime Analyst podcasts that were depressingly enlightening.

She seems to be a force of nature herself in terms of fighting for women and children.

In the podcasts she dissects the investigation of serial femicides carried out in Yorkshire by Sutcliffe. This woman knows her stuff - I mean really knows her stuff. She's a forensic psychologist who used to head a homicide team at New Scotland Yard (or similar - the exact titles I can't remember for sure, but along those lines).

I have absolutely nothing to do with her or her podcast. I Just think her podcast work on this case in particular is something all women should listen to. While the police are changing and some progress has been made, the layers of misogyny are so deeply ingrained that they're often still recognisable.

It's not about police-bashing either. She highlights officers who did great work and were silenced by the egos above. But she doesn't tiptoe around the huge failures and basic mistakes that were made - any why.

The podcast is Crime Analyst by Laura Richards and the series is called The Forgotten Victims.
(It's about murders with a sexual motivation so there are details that some people may find difficult.)

OP posts:

Innocenta · 27/09/2021 20:36

She is my favourite podcaster. I have huge respect for everything she's done to fight violence against women and girls - she really has dedicated her whole career to it.


CigarsofthePharoahs · 27/09/2021 22:14

Just added to my list of podcasts!


TheWeeDonkey · 28/09/2021 10:11

I've not listened to this one you but its on my list. She does a Podcast called Real Crime Profile too which is very good. I'm currently listening to some episodes about NIXVM which is a really good analysis.


aweegc · 28/09/2021 23:10


I've not listened to this one you but its on my list. She does a Podcast called Real Crime Profile too which is very good. I'm currently listening to some episodes about NIXVM which is a really good analysis.

Oh I haven't heard about either of those. Will be looking them up!

The one involving West York's police force is so troubling regarding women and girls. I mentioned before that I'm sure things have changed but really it's a) not that much and/or b) seems to be reversing. Including in the media handling of women and girls' murders, There are such long running tentacles from Sutcliffe's murders and attacks - both convicted and suspected - that what happens today, what we hear today is still impacted by the past as well as media narratives.

It really makes me want to shake the world. Why don't women's lives matter more? Why on earth isn't misogynistic violence a hate crime? It's so logical for it to be!
OP posts:

Guardup · 29/09/2021 20:49

This is without a doubt my favourite podcast. I’m glad you’ve highlighted it and I thoroughly recommend it too.
She is literally a shining light in the dark. She gives me hope that things will change.


Athinginitself · 29/09/2021 20:55

She's a brilliant podcaster and campaigner, so interesting to hear the way she speaks in both her podcasts, it's just so at odds to the way we hear female victims and male violence being discussed most of the time.


katemuff · 04/10/2021 10:15

It's outstanding, just so clear and correct


katemuff · 04/10/2021 10:26

the section on paraphilias is very relevant to Sarah Everett's killer and also the repeated incidents of indecent exposure seen by MRA.

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