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Aggressive beggars targeting young women? What can be done?

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EvelynBeatrice · 25/09/2021 12:30

That’s the third friend I have heard from with a student daughter in an English university town ( this last one in Cambridge) complaining about aggressive threatening males accosting their daughters in broad daylight at cash points and elsewhere. Is this common? I haven’t experienced this in Scotland. What can be done?

OP posts:

ComtesseDeSpair · 25/09/2021 14:12

Only a crack down on begging, really. Beggars will target young women because they perceive them to be soft touches, because they know women are less likely to become aggressive in return, and because they know women are more likely to feel threatened and hand over money just to get rid of the threat.


GoingOutOutNEVER · 25/09/2021 19:22

Go in the bank to use the ATM or go to one without beggars near it


JesusSendFloods · 26/09/2021 13:03

Can confirm re Cambridge. My daughter(22 and tiny)has been accosted many times; when ignored, they give verbal along the lines of the "rich little cunt"(not DD's case). Noticed that they definitely tend to target young women.

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