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What fresh hell is this?

4 replies

Shehasadiamondinthesky · 25/09/2021 02:07

This happened to me. It took me 5 years to win full custody of my child over my abuser. I fought and fought for my DS and I'd never have given up. But I had legal aid in those days.
Now what happens to women and children?
I can't believe what I'm reading, in God's name how can being a victim of domestic violence "complicate" things.

OP posts:

NumberTheory · 25/09/2021 06:40

Shehasadiamondinthesky I’m so sorry that happened to you and your DS and so glad to hear you prevailed in the end.

It’s shocking, though not surprising to read. I am constantly amazed that the courts think fathers with violent criminal records should be considered suitable parents for contact in the face of mothers asking for there to be none.


ErrolTheDragon · 25/09/2021 08:55

Children will be damaged far more by being in the custody of an abuser than even a traumatised abused person. There was one very clear case in that report about the cycle likely being perpetuated with the son encouraged to be abusive.


HeadPain · 25/09/2021 17:57

Saw the report on tv last night and I am very confused. ! What the hell??


ByGrabtharsHammerWhatASavings · 25/09/2021 18:05

Something very similar to this happened to my friend a few years ago when her ds was a newborn. She did get him eventually back but she has serious ptsd because of it which she is too terrified to seek help for unless it's later used as a reason to remove her children again. It's absolutely atrocious.

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