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Feminism: chat

Unfuckingbelievable - ACLU tweet

3 replies

RinkyStinky1 · 23/09/2021 13:50

The act of erasing/replacing words from RBGs quote shows not only a massive disrespect to her, but goes against everything she fought for. It's beyond disgusting. Bloody outrageous.

OP posts:

yetanotherusernameAgain · 23/09/2021 13:52


RinkyStinky1 · 23/09/2021 13:54

[quote yetanotherusernameAgain]There's a thread on the other board:[/quote]
Ah, thanks. I did search but didn't see anything.

OP posts:

334bu · 23/09/2021 14:09

Erasing the words of a female icon says much about the total lack of respect even the left in America has for its women. A country which removes women's rights to bodily autonomy while offering no maternity pay or leave and then removes the right of women to even name themselves is misogynistic to its core.

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