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Technology used to abuse women with intellectual disability

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OperationDessertStorm · 21/09/2021 11:37

This is an Australian study but I’m sure it’s the same story here.

Technology is increasingly used to 'victimise and control' women with intellectual disability. Abusers are tampering with lights, putting gps on wheelchairs and coercing women into naked photos

OP posts:

EmbarrassingAdmissions · 21/09/2021 12:12

If there's a possibility to abuse technology to do something like this, it will happen. It's completely abhorrent.

Over the last nine years, Gillian O'Brien has been working in Brisbane to help women with cognitive and intellectual disability deal with abuse and sexual violence.

"The most prominent thing we see is image-based abuse," Ms O'Brien said.

"There's a lot of pressure from partners, ex-partners, strangers, people who are seeking women out over social media platforms and then pressuring them to send intimate images of themselves or videos."

It's facilitated the abuse that always happened.


thinkingaboutLangCleg · 21/09/2021 19:52

How sickening. Flowers to all those experiencing this, or combating it.


NiceGerbil · 22/09/2021 00:52

Technology is just a new shiny tool for horrible men who want to commit various crimes against women and girls.

From voyeurism to 'revenge porn' to harrassing by asking for pics to targeting those who are vulnerable.

This tool means new avenues and methods for identifying victims and carrying out abuse.

Sadly the level of victimisation of girls and women who are vulnerable due to intellectual disabilities has always been very high. And for those with other types of disabilities, conditions. Those who are highly debilitated due to injury and are not conscious or similar and require 24 hour care.

I mean. It's always been the case. It's the men that are the problem. Just so many men who what. I don't even know what the fuck is up with them. That whatever it is they get out of it is so important that they will cause so much harm behave so utterly inhumanely.

So yes the internet etc has led to massive new issues and harms and opportunities.

However that's not the fault of tech. It's the fault of abusive men.

Sorry I know that doesn't help much.

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