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Feminism: chat

Books for teens

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GrimDamnFanjo · 18/09/2021 02:22

My DD bought herself a fairly dull book on the history of feminism so I was wondering if anyone had any more exciting recommendations?
Mildly gender crit would be a bonus!

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Mummyoflittledragon · 19/09/2021 09:30

Bumping for you with interest. No help though…


EwwSprouts · 19/09/2021 21:52

Jenni Murray's book A History of Britain in 21 Women


ArabellaScott · 19/09/2021 22:20

I've just got Julie Bindel's 'feminism for women'. It's v interesting so far. Not on history per se, though there is a bit of a recap of feminist thinking in the past few decades.


GrimDamnFanjo · 20/09/2021 02:41

Thanks for the recs I will check them out!

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