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US Attorney General announces lawsuit against Texas abortion law

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ErrolTheDragon · 09/09/2021 22:49

OP posts:

42SrauvP · 09/09/2021 23:17

Fucking awesome statement


ErrolTheDragon · 09/09/2021 23:19

Yes, I don't think it could have been much clearer.

OP posts:

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman · 09/09/2021 23:24

Couldn't be clearer.
Very good news for women in Texas.


Talipesmum · 09/09/2021 23:52



ISpyCobraKai · 09/09/2021 23:55

Brilliant news


HeddaGarbled · 10/09/2021 00:01

Won’t it come down to the Supreme Court to decide though? In which case, it’s not really good news, just political posturing?


Babdoc · 10/09/2021 08:55

The Supreme Court is unlikely to have the power to overturn the US Constitution, surely? They would have to find against Texas on precisely those grounds.


ErrolTheDragon · 10/09/2021 09:03

My understanding is that Texas was able to sneak this through the Supreme Court quickly in a rather underhand way using a procedure called a 'shadow docket' . I don't exactly understand the ins and outs but hopefully the lawsuit from the AG will force them to deal with it properly and at least one of the 'conservatives' will realise they need to conserve women's rights under the constitution.

I read a piece in the NY times, but there seem to be some others which may not be paywalled if you search for
"On Politics: How the Supreme Court quietly undercut Roe v. Wade"

OP posts:

Littleants · 10/09/2021 21:04

Shocking law. I hadn’t realised just how nasty a law Texas had brought in. Covid spying on your neighbours was clearly a practice run. I’m glad they have brought this lawsuit and hope it is enacted quickly.


Cabinfever10 · 10/09/2021 21:06

Once they sort out texas they need to see to georga


BilindaB · 16/09/2021 15:27

Excellent news

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