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Boundaries / no means no books for children?

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RaisingStrongWomen · 08/09/2021 19:06

Could I have some recommendations of books suitable for my 5 & 6 year olds that cover body boundaries/ no meaning no etc?
They unfortunately witnessed a boy of a similar age sexually assault a girl again of a similar age on our street. Lifting up their skirt and calling them a dirty girl. Quite disturbing, I now feel the need to make sure they know this is unacceptable and reinforce body boundaries.
Also want something that reinforces no is a complete sentence, they don't need to give a reason. This can be in relation to anything, for example not wanting to lend someone your scooter etc.
Thank you.

OP posts:

NiceGerbil · 15/09/2021 02:00

Christ that's fucking appalling.

Was it reported to school?
What happened?
This would be in infants playground? Or older children.
Please tell me it was reported.

They are too old prob but this rabbit belongs to Emily brown is v strong in that message and to me it was not ham fisted at all. And it's a great story!


NiceGerbil · 15/09/2021 02:01

At that age I imagine you told them in NI uncertain terms it was very wrong and anything like that is tell a teacher if they see it?


longerevenings · 15/09/2021 02:56

The NSPCC has a pants campaign which is pretty good at this stuff.
Have a look on YouTube.


Airplanes · 15/09/2021 04:14

I have used no means no and my underpants rule with my daughter. They both give different scenarios with repetitive rhymes to reinforce the message. I got both from Amazon

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