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Feminism: chat

Julie Bindel on Woman's Hour Now

5 replies

Motorcyclemptiness · 08/09/2021 10:42

Worth listening too

OP posts:

oscarandelliesdad · 08/09/2021 11:04

Yep, I was listening and nodding along. She didn't get an easy interview but was wonderful as always. Lucid, compassionate and persuasive.
I liked how she put a bit of the onus on men for not just standing by and underlined that it was quite a sizable minority of them that were the problem and didn't give ground that feminism is actually a woman's movement and not about them Hmm
Heartbreaking to hear about that poor woman... Ten years and two trials....


Abitofalark · 08/09/2021 23:53

I didn't hear the programme and wondered who interviewed Julie Bindel. Woman's Hour's listing on the website doesn't tell me.

We're back to the same old problem. A while back, they stopped putting up details of the presenter and producer on the programme notes. We complained on mumsnet and miraculously, they put them up again. Now, here we go again. Stop start stop. Who runs that programme? It's shambolic.


nettie434 · 09/09/2021 08:25

The interviewer was Emma Barnett, Abitofalark. I agree it was a good interview - raised the article written many years ago but also gave Julie the chance to explain her stance.


Abitofalark · 09/09/2021 13:56

Thanks for that, nettie.

Julie Bindel has done a great deal in her life, campaigning and working for women, particularly highlighting the prevalence of violence against women. I would always listen to what she has to say, even though I don't always agree with her.


SpringCrocus · 15/09/2021 19:40

Fabulous woman. Latest book is brilliant.

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