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Mexico decriminalises criminal penalties for abortion placed on women

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RoyalMush · 08/09/2021 00:54

A ray of hope for women in Mexico living in states where abortion is severely restricted to women meaning that women could themselves be jailed for having an illegal abortion.

Having an abortion has just been decriminalised as something women can be jailed for. The women currently imprisoned for this reason must now be released. Hopefully all Mexican states will update their abortion laws quickly to reflect this ruling.
The BBC says this judicial ruling may even be of help to some Texan women living just across the border from Mexico- although even if that’s true, needing to travel for an abortion will keep it out of reach for many of the women who need it.

Many congratulations to all of the courageous women in Mexico whose long years of campaigning will have been needed to get this landmark decision from their Supreme Court. Flowers

OP posts:

GreyhoundG1rl · 08/09/2021 00:55

Oh, that's great.


NiceGerbil · 08/09/2021 02:25

Well it's a step but still miles to go from the article.

'A judicial source said the ruling will affect the whole of Mexico, allowing women in states where abortion is criminalised to undergo the procedure with a judge's order'.

I hope the momentum can keep going. The rules are still incredibly strict.

But yes it's really good to see this movement.


timeisnotaline · 08/09/2021 03:09

Has this been coming a long while or has it been rushed through to profit off US women in Texas? (No issue if it has, better access is better access and seems a good business strategy, just wondering re the timing!)


Babdoc · 09/09/2021 08:07

So Mexico is now superior to Texas in women’s rights. Texan legislators should hang their heads in shame.


Coyoacan · 15/09/2021 02:36

Babdoc Why is there particular shame in Texas being outshone by Mexico? From where I'm looking, Texas is on a par with Afghanistan.


ChattyLion · 15/09/2021 03:44

Coyoacan good to ‘see you’ . I hope Mexican feminists are feeling buoyed up by this. Is it big national news? And in a positive way?

All these incursions globally on to women’s freedom and sexed personhood are absolutely unforgivable. Women and girls will die because of these restrictions, wherever they live. Especially the poorest and most vulnerable obviously. Men won’t ever have that burden as a reality to face or a risk hanging over them.

That’s why we all have to raise our voices wherever possible. I know I am stating the obvious. I wrote to my MP to say the UK needed to take as many Afghan women and families as we could get here. They responded with details of the government scheme but at least they know that some constituents feel strongly about what we should do. I haven’t done anything about Texas because it’s been reported that there will be an organised legal response to that. But it’s all the same shit isn’t it.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate the wins when they come even though it must feel bittersweet. Congratulations to the Mexican women advocating for women. They will have influenced and better informed the judges and they show us all that it’s worth just keeping going.
I saw it reported that only a year ago, pro-choice protesters demonstrating in Mexico City were fighting actual physical battles with police- being tear gassed and trying to fight back with home made weapons like paint or household objects and tools. I really hope that this year’s International Safe abortion day sees the next wave of positive changes for women in Mexico begin. Flowers

Video here

2020 news marking the ISA day from the WHO, for some more background on the global issues:


Babdoc · 15/09/2021 08:16

Coyoacan, exactly!
The misogynist Texans who passed this bill no doubt regarded themselves as superior to the Mexican migrants who work their socks off in low wage jobs, seeking a better life than they had in relatively poor Mexico.
Texans need to realise that now their state is inferior to those migrants’ home country, in terms of women’s rights. And they should be ashamed of what they have done.


Coyoacan · 15/09/2021 12:08

Hiya ChattyLion

I saw it reported that only a year ago, pro-choice protesters demonstrating in Mexico City were fighting actual physical battles with police- being tear gassed and trying to fight back with home made weapons like paint or household objects and tools

Mexico is federal, so different states have different laws. Mexico City has had legal abortion up to 12 weeks for quite a few years now. The "feminists" were actually protesting, in a very nihilist way, feminicides, without making any clear demands. Everything indicated that an ultra right-wing party, that has criminalised abortion in the states where it rules, was behind the protests.


ChattyLion · 16/09/2021 13:22

Oh no Coyoacan. Thank you, that wasnt apparent from the news report. That’s grim that a political party is trying to turn people against the pro choice cause, or do entryism into women’s groups and causes or whatever negative campaigning they are planning.
I did clock quite a few ‘pro-choice’ men in the video protesting, which is not very typical for a pro choice demonstration (in the UK) but is very typical here of the type of demonstration that attracts blokes aiming to stir up trouble, from both sides. I’d imagine that with this supreme court ruling, even greater pushback against women’s groups can be expected unfortunately.

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