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Marion Miller - we all know about The Ribbon, but what were the other things she did that she's being charged for?

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PostingForTheFirstTime · 01/09/2021 11:27

"It is claimed Millar posted a photograph on social media of a sign where a named Scots actor was working at the time.

The charge alleges Millar disclosed personal information relating to a female police constable on social media.

Millar is further claimed to have communicated on social media about the officer, which contained false information.

The alleged offence is said to have been aggravated by prejudice related to sexual orientation."

The above was taken from The Scottish Sun. Does anyone know what the latter charges refer to?

OP posts:

Rhannion · 03/09/2021 20:35

Maybe read up on the case... and you will see the fact that Marion and Jo Cherry were only told about the “ other charges “ 10 mins before they went into court.


CircularReasoning · 03/09/2021 22:36

I suspect (but don't know for sure) that the name of the police officer who arrested Marion was mentioned in the period immediately after the arrest at home, not unreasonably imo because she was badly treated. A very heavy handed visit. Intimidated, asked to accompany them to a distant station (she has kids). I think this is why this is happening in part. That officer and a personal vendetta. The officer had a publicly available page on an lgbtq police website and was clearly bringing her activism to work. I know who brought the complaint, but it needs someone driving from within to bring something so trivial to court.


CircularReasoning · 03/09/2021 22:43

So the police treat you in a heavy handed way. You defend yourself and complain publicly about that treatment and name your abuser, then get accused of doxing the abuser. It SHOULD be in the public domain. We don't live in a police state.


BridgetInHerBravery · 03/09/2021 22:46

I'm not sure it's a good idea to speculate on an ongoing case.


PostingForTheFirstTime · 04/09/2021 10:39


Thank you. When I initially posted there wasn't much information anywhere on what the additional charges were.

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