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Feminism: chat

Fab feminist podcast

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JoyousAsOtters · 29/08/2021 15:33


Been listening to this a bit lately, Julia Gillard A Podcast of One's Own, interviewing interesting women. Just listened to the Kate Mosse one about the Women's Prize for fiction, Caroline Criado Perez, the Helen Lewis one was also great, and Mary Beard - definitely worth a listen, its really great to hear women talking about their lives, careers and how misogyny has impacted them (and how they've dealt with it). Plus I find it is a deeper and more insightful listen than Women's Hour and I'm happy to have it on in the kitchen for my kids to absorb.

OP posts:

spotcheck · 29/08/2021 15:34

Thanks- sounds interesting!


vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 29/08/2021 15:43

Oooooh, thanks ,that looks great!


JoyousAsOtters · 29/08/2021 16:16

I really like how much Julia Gillard lets her interviewees talk - even when they refer back to her, she turns the focus back onto her subject rather than taking the opportunity to jump in with her own experience. It's striking how rare it is to be able to listen to interesting women at the top of their game just have space to talk. Shouldn't be that unusual, but it is.

OP posts:

Mateypotatey · 29/08/2021 21:41

This sounds great, another recommendation: jen gunter 'body stuff', found it very comforting. Not necessarily feminist themed but very balanced. I liked the menopause episode.

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