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Misogynistic attacks on Jess Brammar

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myrtleWilson · 22/08/2021 18:56

I'm not a journalist so have no allegiance here. JB has held various senior journalistic roles (Newsnight, HuffPost etc). She, along with many others, was made redundant from HuffPost recently following I think a business decision in terms of focus by the owners.

Whilst at HuffPost, I thought JB did some really interesting editorial work - commissioning more regional/local voices, supporting black journalists including going into bat against a govt minister who (imo) bullied a journalist simply for doing their job.

Anyhow, Jess has been linked with a big job at the BBC and the govt are not happy, this has led to multiple stories in the DM, or Guido about her apparent unsuitability for the role - citing for example her support for black lives matter campaigns. But some of the reporting this weekend has been beyond awful... calling her partner "her toy-boy" (journalist in own right and grand total of 7yrs younger - btw whats the age difference between Boris and Carrie??) and making completely irrelevant references to her IVF journey. Jess shares this on her social media but am struggling to understand the connection between her IVF experience and her suitability for the BBC role. Oh and to top it all, the IVF/toy-boy stories.... written by a female journalist.

I just can't imagine how difficult it must be to experience these attacks. I know there are other female journalists on here and I suppose I just wanted to say, am sorry if any of you have had similar (if not so public) an experience in trying to do your job. Plus if Jess happens to be on here - am so sorry for what you're having to go through....

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thinkingaboutLangCleg · 31/08/2021 00:26

Everyday sexism at work. I hope it doesn’t blight Jess’s career, as it has so many others.

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