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Feminism: chat

Scotland bids to be world leader in women's healthcare

12 replies

TheGenealogist · 20/08/2021 20:01

How can they "support women and girls to lead healthy lives and fulfil their potential" when they can't agree that a woman is?

OP posts:

EmpressWitchDoesntBurn · 20/08/2021 20:06

The SNP won’t be having any of that.


TheGenealogist · 20/08/2021 20:10

It's the SNP who are promoting it. "Women's Health Minister Maree Todd".

I saw a piece on the news earlier banging on about menopause, and heart disease and other female health conditions.

It's just such a mismatch - on one hand they are saying it's illegal to say a transwoman is biologically male, but on the other saying they're going to make things better for menopausal women.

No man has ever had a fibroid or gone through the menopause.

OP posts:

EmpressWitchDoesntBurn · 20/08/2021 22:06

That feels really weird.

Maybe Maree Todd does know what a woman is, or maybe SNP just is that confused.


KittenKong · 21/08/2021 16:16

I suppose it depends on what they classify as this and for whom. Because I suspect some of what they are thinking wouldn’t be relevant for me.


Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons · 21/08/2021 17:29

It's just like Sturgeon knowing what women & girls are when she's talking about Afghanistan- they seem to be quite happy to be consistent in their inconsistency.

Although I wouldn't discount the possibility of prostate cancer being included in women's health Hmm


KittenKong · 21/08/2021 18:35

Aye right. I give it five mins before they are issuing a grovelling apology for their lack of ‘incloosivity’...


TheWeeDonkey · 22/08/2021 11:07

With SNP and Scottish Greens in power?

Will they be a world leader in women's healthcare or identify as a world leader in women's healthcare?


highame · 26/08/2021 13:42

It will be 'all women's' healthcare


Babdoc · 26/08/2021 18:44

If this goes the way of their previous much trumpeted policies, it will fail completely and be quietly dropped to hide the embarrassment. They can’t even define what women are, let alone treat them properly.
Not holding my breath for their unachievable NHS targets either. How the fuck they expect an exhausted and understaffed service, still wrestling with Covid, to increase productivity by over 10% and cut the massive backlog on waiting lists, with no available extra staff or beds, is a mystery.
Spouting nonsense on a podium is Sturgeon’s only skill. Which is why Scotland has gone steadily downhill under the SNP.


Toomuchis · 27/08/2021 13:35

I'm fucking dying laughing here. Referred over a year ago to gynae for suspected endometriosis, comorbid with confirmed pcos and some weird hormonal bowel problem. Really hope that's all it is. World leader? Aye, right. Fucking joke.

And that's before the inconsistency in not being able to define what a woman is. As the haver of a fucked up large gamete producing reproductive system I think they're a fucking joke.


ArabellaScott · 28/08/2021 07:21

Scotland where a woman who requested a female HCP for her mammogram was held up as an example of 'bigotry', wasn't It? Iirc that was greater Glasgow.

World leaders at telling women what to do. World leaders at throwing women out of pubs, getting the Police on women for stickers, arresting women for tweets, ignoring, patronising and attacking women? Oh feminist to their fucking fingertips, this government.

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