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Afghan women and children refugees should be welcomed

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BabaGanouche · 18/08/2021 01:09

So very sad to see the news in Afghanistan. This is an international crisis that affects or will affect the world. We need to ensure that innocent people, women and children primarily (as they are the most vulnerable in Afghanistan at this moment in time, as well as historically), are protected as per our human rights commitments. Who agrees that we need to petition our government to offer a safe haven for those who are in danger. I'm not saying we started this mess, but surely we have some obligation to protect the vulnerable in this society?

Afghan women and children refugees should be welcomed
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Thelnebriati · 18/08/2021 11:40

I agree with you but I don't know how we would reach them or get them out. ATM women aren't even allowed to leave the house without a male guardian.

There is a petition started by Sophie Walker on titled
''Protect the freedom and safety of Afghan women and girls'' which has nearly 200,000 signatures.

I wont post the links here because Mumsnet will move this thread to the petitions board if I do. You could report this post and ask them not to?


CaptainMarvelDanvers · 18/08/2021 19:52

I agree but how do we get them out? The Taliban is running the country, the checkpoints to airport.



MiddlesexGirl · 18/08/2021 19:55

If you want to know how you can help (if at all) the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association is a fantastic organisation which has a long history of helping people in Afghanistan and those who have resettled here.


Thisnamewasnttaken123 · 18/08/2021 19:57

I agree with you.
Watched some desperate women asking for help on the news earlier.
So very sad.


Dervel · 18/08/2021 19:59

100% agree.


BabaGanouche · 20/08/2021 02:51

Thank you. I will look at your suggestions. And, yes it is incredibly sad and frustrating to watch all of this unraveling. Frankly, it was always going to be the case. Just hoped that the "democracies" of this world would have behaved differently. But I'm obviously not surprised.

OP posts:

ShippingNews · 20/08/2021 03:16

Yes it's a very sad situation. Unfortunately with the Taliban running the place and stopping people from leaving, it isn't possible to give anyone a safe haven.

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