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Feminism: chat

RIP Daniela Espirito Santo

2 replies

chantico · 13/08/2021 18:53

Who reported her partner to the police 7 times before the fatal attack

The IOPC report has been leaked to the NY Times.

There was an insufficient evidential link between the assault and her death, because she had a heart condition.

But why the hell did the call handler say it was a 101 matter not a 999 on, when there is a serious attack? OK - danger reduced because he has left the premises, but how badly dies a woman need to be beaten to get a police response?

OP posts:

CervixSampler · 13/08/2021 19:08

I was so angry reading this news article. Women are being failed terribly by those who are supposed to protect us. My own experience of domestic abuse got the response of well it's not nice what he did but it's not a crime. Since when has sexual assault not been a crime?


RandomMess · 13/08/2021 19:09

I know I was so sad and angry SadAngry

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