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Saima Mir article - tell us something we don't know

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TaraRhu · 05/08/2021 10:00

I can't help being a bit frustrated by this article. It's accurately describes being a stay at home mum and how she experiences it.However, she gives no explanation as to why she is accepting 100% of the child care load and domestic drudgery. This women has a husband who can help. Where is he? Why can't he do his half, reduce his hours, do the p.e kits, work flexibly etc? More importantly why isn't she asking him the question?

Being a writer is about as flexible a job as you can get. She's not based in an office where your 'commitment' is measured in hours and I very much doubt she will get judged as if her 'brain fell out if her vagina' as other women no. She gives explanation as to why she had had to step back, what would help her get a better balance or demanding that her other half takes some if it on.

Our household drudgery is split evenly and there is only parental not maternal rage. There are many battles to achieve equality but the home is the first one.

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