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Feminism: chat

Emily Campbell wins Silver at Olympics

2 replies

Potteringshed · 02/08/2021 21:21

I'm so pleased and excited. I'm also thrilled by the stuff she's said about being a role model to encourage women of all shapes and sizes to be more active. I feel like right now the conversation about health is utterly muddied by some pretty misogynistic views on how women should look, confusing "healthy" with "being visually appealing to men".

I just find everything about her really encouraging and thought I'd be positive here.

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Badgertadger · 02/08/2021 21:29

Great minds.

A wonderful achievement, to be lauded. I hope to watch her again in Paris (because let's get honest, I don't watch an awful lot of weight lifting in the intervening years)


Potteringshed · 02/08/2021 21:34

Ha! We posted within a minute of each other! Yes, I'm really keen to see her in Paris. Also, as a female power lifter I'm so excited to see my sport get attention for once!

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