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Desert Island Discs - Nazir Afzal

20 replies

reprehensibleme · 01/08/2021 11:37

Worth a listen.

OP posts:

Mumteedum · 01/08/2021 11:38

I have a lot of time for Nazir Afzal. His book was very readable.


HollowTalk · 01/08/2021 11:39

Just looked him up - sounds really interesting. I wish we heard more men talking about this.


GrouchyKiwi · 01/08/2021 19:35

I just read the online article about this episode of Desert Island Discs. He sounds like an impressive man.


shallIswim · 01/08/2021 21:19

Yes, astonishingly impressive. And bang on about so much


ExtremelyDisorganised · 01/08/2021 21:55

Definitely going to listen to this after reading the BBC website article.


ChattyLion · 02/08/2021 08:30

Link about him and the Desert Island discs interview.
What a stellar career he’s had so far and what a staunch public interest defender:
I really enjoyed reading about his life story too- he has had some absolute tragedies, making his dedication to girls and women more poignant.

‘The prosecutor of some of the UK's most notorious sex offenders has told of how he quit as a defence lawyer after not wanting to represent an alleged rapist.
Nazir Afzal went on to become the chief crown prosecutor in the Rochdale grooming gang cases in 2012.
Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, he said he had never celebrated a successful case as "nobody should be harmed in the first place".
He said those guilty were mostly men who wanted to restrict women's choices.’


vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 02/08/2021 12:49

Oh, thanks, I'll have a listen to this.

I have a lot of time for powerful men who give a shit about women. Restores my faith in the Y chromosome.


GingerAndTheBiscuits · 02/08/2021 12:50

He’s one of the few people I miss following since I deleted Twitter, will give it a listen


Childrenofthestones · 04/08/2021 13:45

He's the reason I stopped voting Labour.


GrouchyKiwi · 04/08/2021 14:05


He's the reason I stopped voting Labour.

Why is that?

TherapistInATabard · 04/08/2021 17:52

I found this incredibly emotional to listen to, and he’s made quite the impression on me. What an incredible man.


reprehensibleme · 06/08/2021 09:08

Bumping because this is being repeated on R4 now.

OP posts:

Childrenofthestones · 10/08/2021 19:08

Sorry I've been offline

GrouchyKiwi said "Why is that?"

Because he is the reason I found out that under Gordon Brown PM and Jackie Smith Home Sec the following all forces circular came out from the Home Office.........

Nazir Afzal, ex Chief Prosecution Officer, speaking on radio 4 on 19th of Oc 2018 said
"You may not know this, but back in 2008 the home office sent a circular to all police forces in the country saying - "As far as these young girls being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour and therefor it is not for you police officers to get involved in" "If that's the landscape coming from the top down in 2008, rest assured all agencies are going to listen to it."

An informed choice? They were as young as 11.

After voting Labour all my life, I will never vote labour again as long as I live.


GrouchyKiwi · 10/08/2021 19:12

Children That is utterly deplorable and I understand your decision.

Unspeakably awful.


Neolara · 10/08/2021 19:14

He's pretty inspirational. Well worth a listen.


TatoAndBeans · 10/08/2021 19:22

@Childrenofthestones bloody hell, that’s chilling. It’s so frustrating being Left-leaning economically and instinctively Labour… but then I see this, Harriet Harman’s links to PIE, Lisa Nandy’s assertion that she’s happy with rapists being in women’s prisons and I think “nah, they hate women and can’t be trusted to safeguard children”.


Childrenofthestones · 10/08/2021 22:44


Children That is utterly deplorable and I understand your decision.

Unspeakably awful.

I cant tell you how close I came to putting my size 9s through the telly when I saw Jackie Smith on Good Morning Britain after Sarah Everard was killed by that copper, spouting off saying we need to do more to protect women and girls. 😡

partystress · 14/08/2021 09:14

I jus caught up with an episode of A Good Read from a while back. His choice was Sue Lloyd Roberts’ book, The War on Women, which was completed after her death by her daughter. I’d not heard of it, but am buying it on the strength of his recommendation.


Taswama · 14/08/2021 21:10

Thanks for the recommendation. I usually prioritise females on DID (not enough time to listen to all) but will make an exception.


OverByYer · 14/08/2021 21:12

Oh thanks for the recommendation. I really like him in Twitter, such an intelligent, interesting man

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