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My experiences of the Criminal Justice System when the victim of an abuser

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CallMeNutribullet · 31/07/2021 15:25

I had a thread under a previous name back in March. Basically I reported emotionally abusive ex for harassing me, hacking my Google account and sending me threatening messages and I just wanted to see how typical my experiences since were.

Following his arrest under the Malicious communications act, I wasn't advised until a woman who works for a victim support organisation called me 24 hours later. I wasn't given the full details of his bail conditions and had to call 101 a few weeks later and ask them to find out as he appeared to pick up our daughter (which was a breach of bail).

The only contact I've had since is a citation. I called the court to see if I could bring a friend with me and was told no, due to Covid courts are closed, even though we're in levels zero in Scotland. I was told there would be witness support but there wasn't. I turned up at court and sat in a room alone until someone came and told me I could go, without explaining why.

I was called by the Victim support organisation and they said the court case had been booked back in for early November but confirmed this also wouldn't go ahead and she didn't know why it had been booked back I'm for then.

I feel totally in the dark and have regrets about reporting because I feel very unsupported..

OP posts:

Thelnebriati · 31/07/2021 16:21

I remember your previous thread, and I thought at the time that if anything would get him convicted it would be the hacking, as that seems to be taken more seriously than many crimes against the person. (As you can tell, I'm cynical about there being any justice for victims of CSA)

I haven't bothered to pursue my own claim. Both social services and my GP have 'lost' the only evidence, so now its just my word against theirs.


NumberTheory · 31/07/2021 16:26

That’s awful, callme. I’m so sorry.

I have no idea if it’s par for the course nowadays. I was a police officer in England back in the 90s and if I’d treated a victim like that and they’d complained it would have resulted in disciplinary action. Covid has made a lot of things logistically difficult and the court systems are apparently very backed up but this is just an appalling breakdown in communication. Could you try calling the victim support people back and asking them if it’s normal and who ought to have been responsible for keeping you in the loop?


happydappy2 · 31/07/2021 17:20

OP is this in magistrates court? If so, in England these are running pretty normally & if there is room you can absolutely bring a support person. Not sure of how things operate in Scotland…


CallMeNutribullet · 31/07/2021 18:14

happy we have Sheriff's court which is the equivalent of Magistrates court. Unfortunately they're still not letting people in unless directly involved in the case.

You can have 200 people at a wedding though

OP posts:

happydappy2 · 31/07/2021 18:50

OP, in England, we have case management hearings, where a 'preparation for effective trial' PET form is completed-this is where details can be ironed out such as if screens are required, interpreters etc etc. This is to avoid problems on the day and ensure things run smoothly. Afraid I don't know the procedure in Scotland...


ItsDinah · 02/08/2021 02:04

It would help if you got your own solicitor's advice. The Law Society of Scotland - telephone 0131 226 7411 -or by email via its website- should be able to give you details of someone suitable. You may be eligible for at least a bit of Legal Aid funding. There are a few free legal advice centres you could try. Ask the Law Soc for details.

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