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Feminism: chat

Experiment - Buying ONLY from women owned companies. Interesting article in Time magazine

3 replies

whatisheupto · 27/07/2021 18:44

OP posts:

YankHank · 27/07/2021 22:30

Jesus fuck - that is depressing.

But a good idea


Muddydoor · 28/07/2021 08:21

Tl:dr isn’t it also true that some woman-owned businesses actually hide the fact that the owner is female, for a variety of reasons?


LizziesTwin · 28/07/2021 08:35

Sweaty Betty was founded & is still run by Tamara Hill-Norton.

Brays Cottage Pork Pies make the best pork pies ever & are run by Sarah.

Maybe we need a UK directory of women owned businesses?

Perhaps that could be a MumsNet focus? Food producers etc. The scale of the UK probably makes it easier as distribution is much simpler in a small country with only one tax regime.

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