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Lougle · 26/07/2021 21:49

That's shocking.


RandomMess · 26/07/2021 21:53

So even when a police officer suffers there is still no justice!



NiceGerbil · 27/07/2021 04:39

Well I mean.

He's moved on!

Said the judge.

Also be richly deserved prison.

Send him to fucking prison then. Jesus.


FlyPassed · 27/07/2021 07:46

Ffs! AngryAngryAngry


Queenoftheashes · 27/07/2021 07:59

Grim. There’s also some guy on there who masturbated on women in public repeatedly over several years and didn’t even go on the sex offenders register.


TheWeeDonkey · 27/07/2021 08:09

How is he not in prison?


Jorriss · 27/07/2021 08:32

So she's lost her career and her health because of a violent bitter man. And she gets nothing. No compensation. Nothing. How the fuck can that be right?


NotTerfNorCis · 27/07/2021 23:04

Judge Ray Singh gave him a 24-month jail sentence suspended for 24 months and ordered him to attend a 'better relationships' course.

What? A better relationships course? Is this some kind of a joke?


NiceGerbil · 27/07/2021 23:46

I'm so sick of this fucking shit.

The criminal justice system fails on DV sex offences across the board.

I have no idea what can be done.


SheldonesqueTheBstard · 28/07/2021 00:06

Moved on? That’s nice.

What about her Judge?

How does she move on?

I’d be fucking interested in reading your thoughts on that…


NiceGerbil · 28/07/2021 00:20

Reminds me of that bloke who got sod all for some horrific violence because

The victim had s good job and lots of friends so he didn't consider it would affect her really


He said he had just signed a contract to play cricket and it would ruin his big chance

Then it turned out he lied about the cricket and then well he had lied to the judge and they threw the book at him.


jinxyminxy · 29/07/2021 09:25

He hasn't been convicted of putting her in a wheelchair. That happened in Mexico and a UK court cannot rule on a crime which occured abroad. The trial was for stalking. I agree that there should have been a custodial sentence, for the stalking but it's incorrect to say that he got away with the assault because of the UK court. That ought to have been dealt with in Mexico.


Whoarethewho · 29/07/2021 09:31


QuentinBunbury · 29/07/2021 10:58

It depends where your concern is.
Women are overwhelmingly the victims of DV and so failure to prosecute or sentence effectively fails women more than men, and also perpetuates a situation where men can abuse women with impunity.

The fact that a very small number of abusive women also benefit from this situation doesn't change the negative impact on women.


Nonmaquillee · 29/07/2021 11:01

He’s been sent on a “relationships course” 😲😲😲

FFS. Poor, poor woman.


Nonmaquillee · 29/07/2021 11:02

[quote Whoarethewho]Indeed however it isn't just men getting away with this,[/quote]
Oh stop trying to take attention away from this particular issue. The fraction of women who act in this way is minuscule compared with the number of men - and you know it.


NiceGerbil · 29/07/2021 21:17

Yikes at that woman walking. Bonkers as well. Poor bloke.

Yes women can be awful and the courts often seem to give leniency for awful acts.

The fact is that it's overwhelmingly male perpetrators who commit these crimes. And because of that when these ludicrously light punishments are given its almost always to a man.

The good news is that if. IF. There was attention to these types of crime. With the aim of reducing the number of violent abusers getting light punishments. That would apply to all cases. So would help whatever the sex of the perpetrator.

Therefore focusing on the way more frequent incidence of men getting sod all for extreme violence is appropriate and sensible.


MrsOvertonsWindow · 30/07/2021 07:56

So the judge says he richly deserved to go to prison but doesn't imprison him. Maybe because the victim is a woman? Who knows...


sailmeaway · 30/07/2021 09:29

Fecking judges.


SheldonesqueTheBstard · 30/07/2021 09:59

The judge might think he richly deserves his pension.

I would posit the notion that he does not.

I wonder how he would like them apples.

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