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Bernadette Walker

12 replies

TheHandmadeTails · 26/07/2021 21:12

Rest in peace Bernadette Walker Flowers

Her stepfather has been found guilty of her murder. She had previously accused him of sexual abuse. Her body has not been found.

OP posts:

LublinToDublin · 26/07/2021 21:17

Everything about this is so distressing.
Inhuman treatment from those she have been able to trust the most.
My thoughts are with Bernadette and her brother.


ScreamingMeMe · 26/07/2021 21:28

How heartbreaking.


Rhannion · 26/07/2021 22:12

Shocking and disgusting, that poor girl.


Rhannion · 26/07/2021 22:15

When will we know the verdict on her “ mother “ ?


MandalaYogaTapestry · 26/07/2021 22:50


When will we know the verdict on her “ mother “ ?

In September, according to the BBC news

BraveBananaBadge · 27/07/2021 09:20

This is so, so sad and it's unbelievable this is the first time I've seen this make the news. RIP Bernadette.


SnoopyLights · 27/07/2021 10:24

It's truly shocking, my heart breaks for that poor girl.


Abhannmor · 27/07/2021 11:17

RIP Bernadette.


CaveMum · 29/07/2021 16:24

It’s an awful case.

From reading the BBC report it sounds like a chaotic family set up - mother changed her surname by deed poll but she and the murderer (not going to mention his name) never married. She was in a relationship with another man but still living in the same house as the murderer. No mention of Bernadette’s biological father or his family - the grandparents mentioned in the report are the murderers own parents.

RIP Bernadette, I’m so sorry that your life was cut so brutally short.


Rhannion · 29/07/2021 21:20

I hope that Bernadette’s body is found one day and given a decent burial.


Rhannion · 29/07/2021 21:21

And that bastard who murdered her and the vile woman who helped him never have a moment peace again.


1983mum · 01/08/2021 21:07

I wonder why isn't more info
Wonder if other things done to children and want to protect kids identities
Quite a few gaps in the rationale really
Seems like accepted the abuse did happen unless happened to another kid or witnesses kind of don't think enough , along with phone signals, to say enough to convict ?

Must be other things showing his propensity to abuse we don't know

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