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India’s Rape Scandal. Tuesday July 27 at 10pm on Channel4

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EmbarrassingAdmissions · 26/07/2021 19:15

India’s Rape Scandal. Tuesday July 27 at 10pm on Channel4

Trailer here but discretion and caution are advised before watching it:

Manisha died last year after being gang raped in India.

When Manisha tried to tell the police, they wouldn’t listen and an attempted coverup began. This is her story.

In addition to being strangled and gang-raped, Manisha was a Dalit - the lowest caste - and the authorities treated her with a level of inhumanity that defies belief.

OP posts:

Rhannion · 26/07/2021 21:02

Don’t think I will watch , it’s heartbreaking, that poor girl and her family.


NonnyMouse1337 · 26/07/2021 21:26

Thanks for highlighting this. Rape and murder of women is so prevalent in India, especially towards those in the lowest castes. Absolutely awful and depressing how worthless women's lives can be.


purpleme12 · 07/08/2021 23:13

I started watching this but it was just too upsetting

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