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Olympics Heads up England womens playing now

8 replies

Childrenofthestones · 24/07/2021 11:46

England womens football playing now vs hosts Japan

OP posts:

Imasoulman · 24/07/2021 16:24

I think you mean Great Britain!


Bryonyshcmyony · 24/07/2021 16:25

GB you mean

It was a boring match and if they play like that against the Netherlands then that's the end of it for us.


newnortherner111 · 24/07/2021 17:28

A win is a win, but I was bored watching most of it.


Bryonyshcmyony · 24/07/2021 17:29

Yes it wasn't a match that would convert anyone to women's football sadly


Childrenofthestones · 24/07/2021 18:49

yeah it was pretty shit, oh well as newnortherner111 said, a wins a win.
Onward and upward

OP posts:

JurgenKloppsCat · 25/07/2021 11:13

Firstly, congratulations to the GB team. Two matches, two wins. You can tell the women's game is becoming mainstream because this thread could have equally been written about the men's team during Euro 2020. The same negativity and moaning Grin

Secondly, why aren't there more threads on here celebrating women's sport? Is it because no-one is particularly interested? I've watched the women's cycling road race this morning, which produced one of the sport's all-time great upsets, and a phenomenal performance by the winner. I've watched an outstanding boxer in Charley Davison. I watched Chelsey Giles win Team GB's first medal. Combat sports for women are relatively new, they are some phenomenal women athletes in the GB team, and the yet the only other sports related thread I can see on this page is an argument about Olivia Breen's shorts being too small.

Do feminists ever put aside some time to celebrate women's sporting achievements?


Viviennemary · 25/07/2021 11:15

I didn't know England had a team in the Olympics. Even more boring than usual this time.


Bryonyshcmyony · 25/07/2021 18:52

Two of my dds have/play football to a high level. They've been trailblazers in their own ways. I judge football for football, I'm over the feminist angle 😂

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